Berries / Apples /Peaches
  1. Strawberries
    Quart Basket $10 Pint $5 plus you can eat while you pick
    Fall Bearing Strawberries ( August til Frost)
  2. Black Berries
    Quart $15 Pint $5
    Black Berries
    Black Berries are available (August - September)
  3. Black Raspberries
    Quart $15 Pint $5
    Black Raspberries
    This is NOT as black berry. It is a raspberry. Very rare in the stores. High levels of antioxidants ( August through Frost)
  4. Red Raspberries
    Quart $15 Pint $5
    Red Raspberries
    We have 1.5 Acres of Red Raspberries 6 different varieties (August through Frost)
  5. Yellow Raspberries
    Quart $15 Pint $5
    Yellow Raspberries
    These are very rare (August through Frost) Customer Favorite
  6. Apples/Peaches
    Apples 2017 hailed out. Hopeful for 2018 season( Sept- October) Peaches are ready in July


For the last 20 years I have grown peaches and for 2018 we will be expanding the tree orchard to host more peaches.  Last year, we had a good crop but the hail took them out.  Hopeful for years to come.
Check Facebook or text me at 308-249-2266 for current berry conditions and availability.
We provide the baskets and you keep the basket.   Example of basket of Quart size is pictured with the blackberry picture.  Two Quart basket is also available for serious jam pickers by request.   There is not an an admission charge in the months of August or September.  Berry picking only .   The "Family Farm" activities start in October.