1. Managing Director
    "This & That"
    Millet pits, hammocks & oversized chalk boards
  2. Managing Director
    Tattoo Parlor
    Boys and Girls will receive a custom glitter tattoo
  3. Managing Director
    Antique Tractor Barn
    Collection of antique tractors. Birthday parties have been held here.
  4. Managing Director
    McGregor's Garden
    Oversized fenced in garden with corn, apple trees & pumpkins to pick
  5. Managing Director
    Pedal Kart Course
    Through the woods and over the hills to Grandmother's house we Go. Or just around and about
  6. Managing Director
    Laser Mazer
    This is a laser tag game located in a bale maze. This is the best of both worlds
  7. Managing Director
    Carriage House
    Bathrooms, Clara's Cupcakery, Food, Gift Shop & seating
  8. Managing Director
    Night Time Events
    Look for future events ( weather permitting)
  9. Managing Director
    Goat Barn
    Our Goats can't wait to meet you
  10. Managing Director
    Barrel Trains
    Choo Choo! All aboard.
  11. Managing Director
    TK's Corn Maze
    Come and get lost in our Corn Maze
  12. Managing Director
    Bale Bonanza
    Wear those kids while they climb over a large bale Maze
  13. Managing Director
    Chicken Coop
    Chickens are walking around everywhere and you might even be in time to pick fresh eggs
  14. Managing Director
    Hay Rack Ride
    The tractor picks you up at the Carriage house and brings you out to the pumpkin patch and can deliver you back to your car with your pumpkins
  15. Managing Director
    Kate's Place
    A child's playhouse next to the Carriage house for kids to play in
  16. Managing Director
    Three Brothers' Mine
    This is a mine where you pan for gems, fossils & carved animals Price for bags are $5 or $6. Depending on which bag you choose
  17. Managing Director
    Picasso Pumpkins
    Come pick out a pumpkin and paint it. This is free and included in admission
  18. Managing Director
    Pumpkin Patch
Family Memories
  Happiness is like peeing in your pants everyone can see it , but only
you can feels its warmth

Author Unknown