About Us
Hello, we are Carter & Beth Kokjer. 

We have been in the pumpkin business eight years and the berry business nine years.  In 2010, we went from just berries and pumpkins to an all around family farm experience.  The carriage house was built in 2011 with a kitchen, bathroom and gift shop.  

Every year, our kids come up with a new idea and we build on that idea.  We get so excited to open our farm to you and your family.  We love to see the excitement of children who have never seen a chicken lay an egg to ducks flying around the farm.  The squeals of families hunting for the perfect pumpkin.  The curiousity of picking a basket of berries and eating them fresh from the plant.  

We strive to make your journey to our farm a worth while trip.  We hope your family makes lots of memories at our place.  Every year, we add new things to keep you coming back.

Thanks so much for coming for a visit.

(Picture credit : Kelly Sudduth Photography)
Meet Our Team

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